Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

Corporate Publishing services in English and German

Corporate Publishing meens communication of information through editorial tools. Corporate Publishing publishes in customer magazines, company magazines, blogs, but also via all other suitable channels. Precondition here is the editorial preparation of the contents. This targets not only the users of the brand but also the stakeholders in the business. We offer Corporate Publishingservices in English and German and we gladly show you our references in this field. For example we edit, layout and produce a customer magazine for an energy supplier in Northern Germany ans blogs in German and Englisch, as well as Social Media accounts in German and English.

Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Covermount services (software, film, games) for CD or DVD publishers

We proudly announce that we offer services like testing, managing and producing to publishing companies, which need covermount specialists. Covermount (sometimes written cover mount) is the name given to storage media (containing software and or audiovisual media) or other products (ranging from toys to flip-flops) packaged as part of a magazine or newspaper. The usual method of packaging is to place the media or product in a transparent plastic sleeve and mount it on the cover of the magazine with adhesive tape or glue, hence the name. If you are interested, please let us know, and we will show you some references from some of the best-known magazines of Europe. We also work for software companies like Aiseesoft and Iobit.

Montag, 2. Juli 2012


Wir sind stolz darauf, mitteilen zu können, dass wir die vollständige Betreeung von Websites für den europäischen Markt (englisch/deutsch) anbieten können. Als erstes Projekt in diesem Rahmen haben wir den Energie-Preisvergleich HELLundWARM mit Patnerfirmen fertiggestellt. Derzeit arbeiten wir an einem Internet-Shop für Sicherheits-Software in Zusammenarbeit mit einem bedeutenden europäischen Institut. Zu unseren Partnern bei diesen Projekten zählen:

Dukagjini Graf Inc., Peja
Top Reklama Inc., Prishtina
Xpand21 GmbH, München
kodo media GmbH, München

Unsere Möglichkeiten umfassen unter anderem: Webdesign, Onlineshop, CMS, Hosting, PHP, Flash, HTML/XHTML/HTML5, CSS, Online Marketing, Social Media. Fragen Sie uns gern nach weiteren Angeboten.

Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

Technical documentation, technical translation and software localization

We create, maintain and translate online help, user manuals, feature articles, quick start guides, tutorials, reference manuals, training and maintenance documents, assembly instructions and service handbooks
on behalf of customers and localize your software interface. For years, our clients appreciate us as a competent and reliable service provider. We are experienced journalists and technical professionals working with comprehensive knowledge at professional, modern working places for your customized documentation solution.

Samstag, 17. März 2012

Our range of copywriting, editing and layout

Text & Layout: Either we write texts ourself or your text will be evaluated on content, style, clarity and other criteria, including a correction of spelling, grammar and punctuation. We also offer pure proofreading or editing the text for other individual aspects. A translation or translational proffreading from English or German to Serbian or Albanian or vice versa also includes the examination of translation errors. Prior to starting work with us you determine how you want your text to be revised. 
Editorial & Layout (especially technology, howto texts): Our work includes, for example, the development of an appropriate concept, inspection of the content, readability, clarity and style of the text. But there is also the option that we write all texts mit subsequent layout revision.

Online editorial team: Do you need well researched articles or user-friendly texts for your site? Do you search professionals who update all the contents of a website on a regular basis, because you do not have the time or the experience? We write texts for your business that are adapted to the needs of the internet audiences you target.