Samstag, 17. März 2012

Our range of copywriting, editing and layout

Text & Layout: Either we write texts ourself or your text will be evaluated on content, style, clarity and other criteria, including a correction of spelling, grammar and punctuation. We also offer pure proofreading or editing the text for other individual aspects. A translation or translational proffreading from English or German to Serbian or Albanian or vice versa also includes the examination of translation errors. Prior to starting work with us you determine how you want your text to be revised. 
Editorial & Layout (especially technology, howto texts): Our work includes, for example, the development of an appropriate concept, inspection of the content, readability, clarity and style of the text. But there is also the option that we write all texts mit subsequent layout revision.

Online editorial team: Do you need well researched articles or user-friendly texts for your site? Do you search professionals who update all the contents of a website on a regular basis, because you do not have the time or the experience? We write texts for your business that are adapted to the needs of the internet audiences you target.

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